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worlds longest model train

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QUOTE (dwb @ 29 May 2008, 01:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}><snip>
There were some incredibly long trains on the Oceanside US West Coast N gauge layout. It too made me wonder just how much attention is required to ensure that all the stock runs freely so that a rogue sticky axle doesn't have the whole train over as the strain around the bend becomes too much.

Lots.... big trains need even resistance on the rolling stock.... and preferably not too much of it. The ideal is reasonable weight but low rolling resistance. The Perth AU team currently working on the world record again have spent the week removing every axle from over 1,000 bogie hoppers.

The record attempts start before the show opens and go on every day - so if I can find time to get to the layout from my stand with luck by next week I'll be able to post a few photo's of the world record train on list...

loco+appx 200 bogie hoppers +loco+appx 200 +loco+ appx 200 +loco+ appx 200 +loco+ the rest of them.....

Not overly exciting (for them) as they've done it before but in tests a week ago with the layout not yet at its final size (they still had to add some more modules / length to it for the record length train) they comfortably pulled a train of nearly 700 with 4 loco's for 50 scale kilometers.

The nice thing is this is a real working layout that the record is again being done on, not a purpose made easy to run on "record setting test track". Mind you given its name "Arid Australia" they didn't have to make too many buildings & trees for an accurate reproduction of reality :)

Given the layouts a convoluted shape with 3 or 4' end curves to me thats a stunning achievement.... Not easy for them though despite their bravado and confidence - they also reckon in the day it took getting to that reliability stage they re-railed more than 800 of the 700 wagons so to speak :) :) :)

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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 29 May 2008, 14:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Richard made a very good post in another thread about an attempt in australia to set a new record for the worlds longest model train. i thought it was off topic but worthy of a thread in itself so i have moved it to here.

Hope you dont mind Richard


***Not at all Peter - fingers crossed the record will happen in Perth AU yet again.

Actually its been an interesting story over the record - The initial world record was made in USA with less than 600, then the Australian/Perth group thats doing it this time took it several years ago at 675 or so with a sponsorship from BHP steel.

Their point (and the US groups) was that the record should be set on a real layout with the train going a real distance to give substance to the achievement, so they took that 675 ten scael kilometres.

Then an upstart German group (museum based) claimed the record with 1,000 however they'd made up a simple pretty well straight track especially to do it - certainly not a layout and they simply moved the wagons to claim the record.

The AU group were pretty P***ed off as (a) it wasn't done on a real layout and (
it wasn't hauled any distance at all.

So - this attempt is a bit of a grudge match really: We reckon the German record isn't at all Valid and are aguing the toss over it with Guiness....

Anyway: They intend to have broken the record by tomorrow night and they'll do it again by a few more with luck on each of the 3 days of the Perth MRR show which is due to start Saturday.

Should be a successful show - One of the largest 2 TV channels will attend Friday with their personality weather presenter doing the weather from there, so that added to a good PR campaign + the record attempts should see record attendance - my guess is 15,000 to 18,000 over the 3 days. (averge show is over 12k). I hope so anyway - I'll be there with a 30 square metre trade stand!

For Perth members: It's this next weekend/Foundation day long weekend)

Show times are 10~5 Sat, Sun and Mon Adults $10 etc etc... Pop in and say hi at the DCCconcepts stand!

(From tonight don't expect too many forum responses from me though - I'll not have much E-time available until next week!)


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QUOTE (60134 @ 29 May 2008, 17:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I wonder how many amps that little lot will draw!


***My guess is less than 1 amp.... as long as they turn the sound off
. i think all the stress will be in the operators, not the loco's !!

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QUOTE (poliss @ 29 May 2008, 20:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>According to Guiness World records the longest model train was made up of 3 locomotives and 887 carriages at Miniatur Wunderland, Germany in November 2005. See

***Yes, this is the one that I was talking about earlier - I actually thought they'd managed more than that - yes clearly they pulled that qty but on a specially prepared track and not for any distance. Also not 8 wheeled stock so their total train size was actually much smaller than the AU 675+ record!

That is why te AU team protested that their attempt was actually accepted - it used a different set of rules to the previous acknowledged record.

Anyway, it simply doesn't matter - That record will be well and truly broken by the end of the weekend.... and by a few keen modellers with their hands in their own pockets, not a major European model museum with a budget in the million + EURO category!

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 29 May 2008, 20:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i would love it if the decoder went phut!!! he he

I can just imagine the rear 8 loco's pushing 200 wagons off a corner!!!!! that crunching sound and delicate mouldings hit the concrete!! the silence of the spectators.... the gasps of horror from the operators....!!!


*** 8 rear loco's?????????? there'll only be 5 at most in total. all 6 axle dieseals, so 60 driven wheels between them.

Incidentally they actually set the 675+ record with loco's working on DC - They had to have a "helper" by each loco to make sure they all started at the same time though...just in case:

No such problems on DCC! All the loco's use TCS decoders by the way :) :)... they'll never be even close to stressed

Trust me - they'll not hit the floor as the layouts designed with no track that close to an edge ....but there WILL be more than 200 off the track if there's a hiccup!!

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QUOTE (Doug @ 29 May 2008, 22:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Why were they "removing every axle from over 1,000 bogie hoppers"?

Please post pictures if you can.

Hi Doug - to clean and where needed re-seat the bearings, then check back to backs were perfect and to lubricate each axle with a graphite compound.

I'm sure I'll get a few images to post for you.

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