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Wot no posts

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Why are there so few posts on this forum,I havent been on here for months,I come back and there is about three more posts than there was last time I was on here!!Come on you lot,post some posts,I usually lurk on G scale Mad Forum and sometimes it can take an hour to read just one days postings!!

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I have been on holiday for 3 days!!

Also i think the all-quiet-before-Warley period has arrived early.

Soon we will all start talking seriously about 2007!

"Of course if you are at work, questions might be asked about the wagon kit on your desk!"

Ha ha!! it wouldnt be the first time my boss has walked into my office and found a pannier tank going up and down 2 lengths of flexi along my desk!!

Weekend shifts! thats when you catch up on coach lining and transfers!

"they seem quite proud of the box the unit will be sold in." he he. that gave me a good giggle!

I am still waiting for the pendolino. when they announced it they were playing it down. i have set my expectations very low but it would be nice to be supprised.

What are your bets for the DCC sound loco's? i think £150

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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