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(Apologies if in the wrong place!)

Being pretty new at this, I thought I should pop into my local store to have a look at what's on offer. I duly popped into Master of Epsom - WOW! What an Alladin's cave! So much to choose from, I've come out more confused.

The chap who owns the store was very helpful though and didn't seem to mind that I knew little about nothing.

There are a couple of points I just need clearing up if that's ok? Probably very basic, so forgive me!

What is a frog? I have seen them mentioned in other posts, but I'm not at all certain as to what they are.

Is it possible to convert DC to DCC at a later date? As I understand it, you just need to change the controller to a DCC one and then add chips to the locomotives. Is it as simple as that? Is adding chips to locos a fairly straight forward task?


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