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I got fed up of the silly prices people were paying for the above mentioned loco, so I thought I would have a go myself at making one.
Getting the right colour was the first problem.. looking at photos online was a bit of a pain, as no two photos were the same.
So I lined up as many photos as I could and chose a colour that was in the middle. I ended up using a RAL 6019 white green satin.

A WRENN Cardiff castle was the donor locomotive. They are so common, that the world would not miss one if my project failed.

Stripping the paint was ok. Brushing on a layer of paintstripper and leaving it over night had done the trick. So a Bath in hot water and Soap finalised the bodies.

Yesterday I sprayed the bodies and left them to dry over night. This morning I taped off the needed ares and sprayed the black Matt paint on the tender. The loco body needed another layer of green paint, so I will have to postpone the black paint until next week.

Transfers have been ordered. The nameplates cost a fortune, as they are original WRENN stock. The other transfers were 8 quid and are on their way. Pressfix will have to do.....

Anyway. Here‘s a picture.......

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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