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WTB Foamboard

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Hi, I've been looking to get some foamboard like has been used in the magazine. Anyone know where you buy it from? I've drawn blank looks from both Wickes and Homebase!


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Don't know where you live Justin, but try your local Model Shop! I get mine in the Salisbury Model shop.

It's often used to make display boards on exhibition stands, so maybe try some art shops, or a supplier of exhibition supplies?

Try an art shop. i get mine in london graphics.

Do an internet or yellow pages search for graphic arts supplies & you should find a supplier.
I gather Hobbycraft sell it too, best call them first though, not having had first hand experience............

Otherwise a quick 'Google' pulls up lots of options:

If you intend to handle the layout alot (which is likely due to the portabilty), you may want to use a little ply (general model shops that supply boat and aeroplane modellers will have better and thinner stuff than your local DIY centre) or timber on areas that might get knocked (foamboard doesn't take imacts too well, despite being strong in other areas) or handled.

The foamboard I used used in the mag feature was from ex display boards.

The pic below shows the 3mm ply facia along the front. The curved backscene is 3mm ply too. The darker areas on the top are cork floor tiles which are just cosmetic to raise the track slightly and to allow a surface I can set the buildings into. Of course, foamboard would be just as good, just I'd run out and had the tiles to hand.

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Ah, never considered hobby shops, thought it would be a DIY thing!

Many thanks for everyone's help
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Hi all,
I am in Aus but i dont see it being to different there...
We use foam in the construction industry over here so try a construction supply company as formworkers use it to
block out penetrations in concrete panels and slabs..
Hope this works for you
Hi all,

Try this one I have used them in the past and can recommend.
They accept Credit card/ Paypal payments.

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