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Well it was a very well advertisez show and a good afternoon was had by myself.

Transport - perfectly acceptable, A reasonably fast train from Marylebone station straight through to high Wycombe i waited about 10 minutes on the outbound and about 20 on the return journey. when i got to High Wycombe i didnt follow the advice on the web site and decided that as it was only 1.5 miles i would walk-big mistake!!!!! i have never been to High Wycombe becore but i now know that which ever way you go you get to a very large hill. and it was a long slog up that hill to the school. - 8/10

Building - I think this was probably the biggest let down of the exhibition. they get 10/10 for effort but the building was simply too small for the size of the exhibition. i spoke to one fo the club members before i left and he told me that they used to be based in the town hall and the council had halved the size of the facilities and doubled the price. the exhibition was over 3 halls (aparently one more than last year) but if you had 1 person looking at the layout on the right and another on the left then there wasnt enough room for someone else to get through. and then a wheelchair came along! - 3.5/10

Layouts - i really didnt know what to expect. i have been to big shows with poor layouts and small shows with very good ones. this show had plenty to offer. the detail was generally very good and had a good mixture of scales and countires. there were a couple of let downs (there was one modern image layouts that i had to question why it was even made it was so uninspiring) but they were outweighed but a little gem. there was a very small layout based on south african narrow gauge. garrets galore!! althought they were generally very good they do have to compete for marks with the likes of scaleforum. so only - 7/10

Shirts - thankfully the long hot summer is overand the surse of scaleforum and woking is a thing of the past. but people really should wash the coats that they were wearing last winter! - 8/10

Backpacks - the nature of the building and the narrow isle conspired to bring down the backpack count. they were virtually unavoidable. although the wearers were far more conciderate than i have seen at other shows. - 5/10

Trade support - Getting the likes of fleishmann and hornby to attend such a show was a real coup. i am not really a fleishmann person and the Hornby stand was frankly puney (if there is a Hornby stand then i want to see test shots). most of the other stands were just box shifters. a good effort for the nature of the show but like the layouts section they have to compete for points with the very best so hence - 6/10

Overall - a good 3 hours. but after that i felt like i had seen evrything there was to see. i will go again but perhaps i will leave it 2 years before returning. the building really was a let down. seeing that little SAR layout really was a plesure and despite the derailments most of the operators looked like they were enjoying themselves. - 7/10


Now for the pics....

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