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X04 motor problem.

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Out of a number of old X04 motor locos, I have two which start and run forward OK, but usually won't start backwards without a poke, or a brief burst of forward first.
I have made sure that all contacts are good, I have changed everything I can think of, made sure the comutator is clean but it makes no difference. The problem is definitely the motor, because swapping it with a known good one swaps the fault over. ANY IDEAS? ------- Geoff.
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These old 3-pole motors are not very sensitive or efficient. Would you be interested in swapping it for a newer 5-pole motor. As long as the gearing is suitable, you will get much better control.
Thanks Doug, I haven't come across a five pole motor yet, but now I know there is one, I will sure be giving it a try. I know the old X04s are a bit rough and ready, but they usually work quite well as long as they are in reasonable condition. (still noisy though) I've found that a Neodymium magnet from Southpole Magnets works wonders on them, but it didn't help with this problem. Thanks again. Geoff.
I often have this issue with the Triang/Triang Hornby X04 motors but then I probably have an above average encounter with this motor. I would take issue with Doug and say that these motors were some of the finest and most reliable ever produced by any model railway company!

They are very easy to work on and do offer reasonable slow running qualities when using a vintage/classic analogue Hammant and Morgan Duette controllers. Its the DCC control systems that require the use of 5 pole motors.

Try cleaning out the carbon that builds up within the armature gaps. You will need a fine needle to do this but be careful not to damage the motor windings.

Fit some crocodile clips to the brushes and see if the motor still stalls when you apply power. If it doesn't then the issue is between the motor brushes and the wheels and it could be a pick up issue as over time the insides of the wheels can get very dirty or tarnish and the motor requires 0.4 amps to get going. You may need to replace the pick ups and clean the wheels.

Check the brush carbons to make sure they are making a positive contact with the armature.

Make sure the motor bearings are lubricated.

And also make sure the wheel axles are lubricated as these can sometimes not be as free running as one might believe.

And finally check the motion gear. It could be that part of it is out of line and locking when reversing the loco.

I think thats all!

I have operated these motors on a DCC set up in analogue mode and they perform OK normally. Don't know about DCC mode though as never tried it.

Happy modelling
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Back in the days when I raced (late 60's) 3 pole X04 style motors in slot cars, one trick to increase smoothness was to rewind the armature but while it was stripped of wire we would stagger the laminations, that is fan them out so there was a twist to the armature. That may help smoothness with DCC.

Another trick was to double up the pole pieces with curved strips of mild steel, back then the local Lucas repair shop could remagnetize your motor and magnet. As I live in the USA I am out of touch with the UK, do you still have dynamo/starter repair shops with remagnetizing machines?
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