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Xtrckcad Assistance

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QUOTE have a couple of questions about XtrkCad if someone knows ??

When you have designed the final layout, can you print everything 1:1 scale so you have a life size plan..

Also, is there anywayto change the distance between parallel running lines, as they are a little far apart as standard...

Yes you can print everything 1:1 under the print options

Distance between parallel lines:
Click on the parallel lines option at the bottom separation distance is flagged up, change this to what ever you want, check this on a pair of turnouts on high magnification, to set correctly. If all else fails try the help file.

anything else you need to know about Xtckcad ? please post under this heading
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ah, sorry, i posted under the previous topic about xtrkcad, but will post in here from now on...

Thankyou MMaD


parallel separation works wonderfully....

thankyou, do you have any idea how much a full licence costs as I can only print at 19:1 which I should imagine is due to only having a level 2 licence...

I used the Registration key that I found on Sillub, but definitely I can only print to 19:1 i.e. whole layout diagram on only 1 x A4 sheet of paper.

If it is free, could someone else send me an e-mail with their version of the code to use and see if it works any better... ?


Hi Raider,

thankyou for the registration, but I fear that this is the key that i used last night. I tried it in the program again just now, but XtrkCad still wont let me print 1:1. When i set the scale to 1 on the print setup page, it shows me on the main screen where the page breaks will be, but the 'Print' button on the print settings screen greys out (i.e. you cant click it)

Any thoughts ?


To add to what i have above, it will only let me print anything if I click the button 'Snapshot' which currently is letting me print at 17:1

oh hang on, I think I have it.... you have to manually select which pages you want printed on the main screen... think I have it sorted now...

thankyou for all your help...

am going to play now..

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