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Xtrckcad Assistance

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QUOTE have a couple of questions about XtrkCad if someone knows ??

When you have designed the final layout, can you print everything 1:1 scale so you have a life size plan..

Also, is there anywayto change the distance between parallel running lines, as they are a little far apart as standard...

Yes you can print everything 1:1 under the print options

Distance between parallel lines:
Click on the parallel lines option at the bottom separation distance is flagged up, change this to what ever you want, check this on a pair of turnouts on high magnification, to set correctly. If all else fails try the help file.

anything else you need to know about Xtckcad ? please post under this heading
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Xtrkcad is free. Not sure about the level 2 license. Do you have the free use password etc.? If not, I am sure one of us can post it for you here.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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