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QUOTE (Donone @ 26 Oct 2008, 18:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Please help, this Xtrkcad program (it's my fault not the program) does not react the way I am used to with other software.
I place a 2nd piece of track and sometimes it joins and other times it does not.
This is what I call frustrating!
I have tried rotating the 2nd piece but it doesn't change hot end, I've tried adding it to the other end of the 1st track I've tried shift click etc. etc. etc. etc.
I cannot establish in my brain a consistent method. It may work for three or four pieces and then I add to the other end and it does not work. I spend another half hour then scrap it. Start again, same problem.

Can somebody please give me a sequence that permits me to add any library piece on either end, either way round and have it join correctly.

I find it irritating to have to keep pressing screen buttons to select, move, rotate etc. Too easy to forget.
Perhaps there is a more intuitive program (like anyrail) which works perfectly every time and so obviously, except it doesn't have many features like Xtrkcad.

I have solved the problems for placing a new piece. The problem seems to be after a piece is dropped and space bar pressed which fixes it. Then to try to do the above doesn't seem to work.

I have found Xtrk to be a superb program but there is a knack that comes with practice. The demos in the help files are excellent and if you have not studied those carefully I think you should and would find the solution to your difficulties - you do need to look at the help demos as it is not simply a case of trial and error as you have found.
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