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XTrkCad Newbie question

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Hi everybody,
First post and a newbie question.
I have registered my copy of the program and removed all the track libraries with the exception of Peco N Finescale.
I have drawn a straight piece of track and added a parallel track. I have then used two medium left hand switches back to back to switch from one track to the other. Problem is that the 6 foot way doesn't match up. If the parallel tracks have 6ft way between them then after the points it is wider.
I am used to track laying in MSTS using UKFS track where a short interconnecting straight is used to maintain the 6 foot.
Could anybody point me in the correct direction as I would dearly love to get beyond the planning stage asap.
Thanks in advance,

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click on the parallel track icon the bottom of your page a seperation box will appear with a value change the value to what ever you want for your gauge. There are several similar functions like this but I'm sure you'll spot them in the future.
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Join the XTrkCad group over on yahoo, the people on the group are very friendly and helpful. The current developers are also present on the group and would welcome any feedback on improvements, etc.

The group can be found at


Thanks for the prompt reply. I shall act on both suggestions.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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