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Yellow LED's (right or wrong)

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I took delivery of an HO De 6/6 today, on running the first thing I noticed was that the LEDs are yellow, not mild but a strong yellow. Is this prototypical or are they tried to capture the effect of tungsten light. I seem to remember another thread where somebody was complaining about "p!ss yellow" LED's so wondering if its an error in the model.
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It's quite common for factory fitted LED's to be either yellow or "white" (often the white are too bluish or cold looking).

For example I have 2 Roco SNCB 20's - the early one has bulbs & the later one has yellow LED's. The early one looks better. I will change the yellow LED's when I have the time.

There are quite a few suppliers of "golden white" LED's including DCCConcepts - these look far, far more realistic. They don't cost that much more so I don't know why they are not fitted as standard.

BTW - I have used yellow LED's for tailamps behind red lens - dulls the colour down quite well.
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