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Hi, Ian MacCormac from Blackpool.
I model the LBSCR in early days, stopping around about 1910 but I haven't got back to the beginning yet either so the dates are a bit flexible. I model in P4 and have also just started in 7mm. I enjoy researching into the history at places like Kew Public Records Office or whatever it is called now, at the NRM etc. I have a go at making kits and have been quietly getting on designing things in etched brass for a couple of years. Some bits are becoming available to members of the Brighton Circle after a long wait and I enjoy translating research and photos etc into three dimensional brass. I'm not good at finishing things and have heaps of three quarters finished wagons, carriages and locos but have been making progress recently. I'm not originally from Blackpool being a founder member of Uckfield Club and was at Chatham Club in Wateringbury days just as the large shows got started. The day job is to do with the training of Merchant Navy Navigating Officers as I was one before becoming a teacher before doing this job. Anyone remember me? Hello again, I have finally managed to get on RMWeb!
Right thats enough of me, I'm currently drawing up etches for early coaches and locos so back to test building. I suppose I had better start a what's on my workbench thread but already do a blog so maybe that will have to wait.
Cheers everyone, I still like Bitter, flat and warm!

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Welcome to the forum,

look forward to hearing more of your exploits

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