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York Easter Weekend

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Anyone else here going to York this Easter??
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I'm back up North Easter weekend and was wondering if anything was going on at the NRM.
A lot of Chinese cultural stuff, but nothing railway related from what I've read...
I'm going tomorrow for a break till fri. Timed it wrong, never mind.
Was at the show on Monday, took swmbo for a night away with me having other ideas

Big round of applause for the show team, was well organised and plenty of space, I really like the use of the half landings for the trade and demo's

Got a few pics on 'her' phone as its better than mine and will put some up when I can get hold of it off her!

Could of spent a small fortune if didn't have 'her' with me, but thats not a bad thing as dont hve free money to spend so cant get into trouble!

Think next years event should be re-named, 'Warley Modelrail Show-York' as was more Warley Club members around than York ones'

Well down to all who set the show up, will be back

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Try again,

well its only a link but its a start!

Hope you enjoy the pics (sorry I didnt write any info down)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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