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Did anyone else catch the tele last night after the news on itv (Yorskshire)

A half hour program called Yorkshire Steam, Sir Nigal Gresley back to the main line

It was a well presented informative program documenting SNG return to steam on the mainline, all be it a little brief.

It followed SNG on her run from York down to the Cross with interviews with some well known faces. The on her return on the Coranation, finishing with the now well known line up outside the Great Hall at the NRM

Interviews were with driver Ron Smith, a third generation A4 driver, A4 society members, Mike Notley who was on board timing, current editor of the Steam Beano, and wounderful praise from Number 9's owner, Mr. Cameron

It is always great to see these wounderful locos out were they belong and hearing that chime whistle blowing, oh happy days!

Not sure if it will be repeated, but as that is the secound Yorkshire Steam I have seen, (the first back in 2004 when 4472 arrived at York) it looks like it could be a start of a small series, but it may be avalible on itv player

CME Milldale
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