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You favorite way to switch points with DCC

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With DCC, what is you favourite, least complex or easiest way to switch points?

Manually, with switches and something like a Masterswitch and/or CDU, with your cab or with a keyboard or sorts?

And in combination with Solenoid point motors, motor driven or other?

I have so many options... some work in some circumstances, others don't. I'm frustrated that there is not one easy, cost effective solution that I can use everywhere on the layout.
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Hi All

The more I read up on this , The more I am convinced.

Duel DCC and Manual control
Mimic Panel with LEDs to indicate point direction(Like Trevor's)
Momentary Contact toggle switches
- for the electro magnet points MasterSwitch (with built in Decoder) will be available before I get that far
-- For the Slow motion points SmartSwitch motor with built in decoder

Regards Zmil
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Get a smartswitch and have a play first though and let us know how it performs.
QUOTE (Lancashire Fusilier @ 18 Nov 2008, 14:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Get a smartswitch and have a play first though and let us know how it performs.

And I was hoping someone else wood take the plunge
and do a writeup

The website has some video footage of the motor in action under DCC control on a mid setting of 4
out of a possible 9 settings

looks very convincing at that speed

Regards Zmil
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I saw the SmartSwitch in action at the NMRA Convention during September in Brisbane, Aust.
If I did not have a large amount of Tortoise & Peco motors before I saw them in the flesh, I would go for them.
Having used the Search option and found this old topic I'm not sure I yet understand how to show route settings.

My layout is Fleischmann Piccolo DCC but I prefer non-DCC operation of the points so I can better see what's going on. I've installed a few point motors using miniature toggle switches from Gaugemaster to operate them, however once switched I then need to look at each point to remember which route is set.

I've seen several references to LEDs being installed to indicate the route but as the toggle switch is of the passing contact type (I think that's the technical term) how is current then held in order to operate the LED, can anyone help?

I'm aware there are various switches that don't self-centre after use leaving the lever to indicate the route e.g. Hornby R044 but the LED system appeals.

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Hi Jag.

I have used Masterswitch V2s (available from Richard Johnson at DCC Concepts) which control both the operation of the point motor and the illumination of bi-colour Red/Green LEDs (also from Richard).

I am using Seep point motors which also control the polarity of the frog and below is the wiring diagram showing how it all goes together. If you have a look in my photo album you can see my Control Panel in operation.

Hope this helps.
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Bachmann Dynamis, seep pm1 and Ls150. very easy set up to switch with.
Digitrax DS64's linked by Loconet operating home made relays to switch a separate 16volt power bus to Tillig motors. I have also used the Tillig analogue switching to cascade crossovers and prototype style point sequences. Saves on relays and DS64's.

I intend to use a push button board for the MPD with CML equipment.
I think you may have missed the point, if you'll excuse the pun.

The question was "how to get LED indicators to show the route setting".
Jag - are you using the FLM point motors to operate the points ?
Hmmm maybe I will get in trouble but I know a certain manufacturer will be releasing a new @#$&%$switch with a point controller built in.

Now that sounds good less wiring, compact excellent quality based on past products, will it have a 1 yr goof proof warrenty?

We shall see!

Hello Brian

Yes, just the standard clip-on motors 9421 and 9422.

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