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Your First Layout

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What was your first layout. add some pictures
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I've no pics of my first layout, but it was a single loop with two sidings on a 6'x4' board which had no permenant scenery as it was stored flat against the wall when not being played with.
Stock wise, I had a little blue hornby 0-4-0 shunter that pulled a rake of 3 blood and custard coaches, Hornby class 08 with a couple of wagons, my dad's old Triang Princess Elizibeth set that used to derail over the points due to the oversize wheel flanges. And finally a Blue Triang-Railways transcontinental deisel set.
I was seven, and apart from Annet Williams has just dumped me for David Cassidy - of all people...! God knows what she saw in him...? - life was perfect...
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Sorry can't post any photos of my first layout - they don't exist. But I can say it was all Tri-ang, blue shunter, brush type 2 amd a "hiawawatha" pacific. The track plan was mich the same as Als.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 21 Feb 2008, 13:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry can't post any photos of my first layout - they don't exist.

Is that because they had not invented camera's then ?

My first "layout" was an oval of Triang Standard track, one siding, a Triang Princess (with roller pickups) in black & 2 shortie maroon coaches - not forgetting the mains power unit in a metal case. The scenics were the carpet & furniture.
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