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I recently installed a Hornby R8215 decoder in a Hornby Q1 33017. Tested the locomotive which ran fine, put the body back on, and tested again. All was well until Xmas day when I noticed a burning smell. Although I had not called up this locomotive there was a visible melt mark on the body and smoke issuing from under the body. Removed from the track and allowed to cool. Removed the body to investigate. Assumed that the chip had moved and shorted. Tested the chassis on DC and everything was in working order. Installed another Hornby chip, the locomotive worked and was under control. Come Boxing Day this same locomotive again started to smell. Another chip fried!!
Any suggestions as to what could be wrong with this particular locomotive (I have 10 other locomotives Hornby and ZTC chips which operate perfectly)?
Have I been unlucky with 2 faulty chips?
Is there a fault with the chassis?
Should I remove the capacitor? (Never had to do this on any other locomotive)

Any advice and help gratefully received
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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