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I'm struggling with the Z21 app traction settings to set up a consist.

Ipad or iPhone the result is the same. A consist that will only let me run at max 6SS.

I have entered the traction settings for both locos over a 1m stretch of track for speed steps 10, 15, 20 and 28.
(My settings will only allow each loco to be set at 28 speed steps. 128 is greyed out).
Settings look like this:
Reg Step Time
10 11.000000
15 5.000000
20 3.500000
28 1.500000

(Quite why the default requires accuracy to a millionth of a second beats me).

When running either loco individually it runs up to a good max speed as I slide my finger up to 28SS.
When running the consist I can only slide up to 6SS. I can't 'push up' above that. Hence the consist runs frustratingly slowly.

Any ideas anyone.


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I have only set up one consist. The locos are the same model, just different liveries so I haven't set up any traction settings. The app complains but I can run the consist regardless.

So that's probably not much help ...


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I use Z21 on an ipad (which is full up now) however when I want to run double headed - consist is a bit modern for 1962 - I have a twin page open (not possible on an iphone etc) and then simply work the controls together, even absolutely identical models vary a bit so it is a bit of adjustment needed to get them running nicely and indeed I do this to run locos in, so all this messing about with codes I find unnecessary as a result. I do have 128 speed steps without bother. Not sure why you have the reported issues but has the device got enough puff? I found that the android I had was full at 100 locos but still worked OK to then? is yours a black box Z21? as mine is.

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Not having a clue about the Z21, I was hoping that other users might be able to point at a 'likely suspect' cause.(or three).

One thing I would check is that the data tables you describe for speed step and timing are both identical and good on each decoder, no corruption or a wrongly positioned decimal point somewhere.

Further question, what are the decoders? Seen some information about difficulties with Zimo decoders on Z21. Each has unique 'features' that when used together conflict, would be my abbreviated summary. (Seen a lot of such interaction problems in my career, the Fengshui application software fighting the Gesundheit OS, and both suppliers adamant that their product is performing as designed. Which isn't the issue of course...)
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