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zenith Motors

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Hi Guys
I am currently involved in a project to make a replica of a very important Slot racing car Scalextric from the late 1940s.
The problem I am currently faced with is that the motor in this machine ,which is pivotal to the accuracy of the replica is a Zenith Motor
Now I can only assume that this motor originally came from a model railway engine ,and the only one I have ever seen looked very much like a K,s motor inasmuch as it had two magnets one at each end, and the concealed brush gear as per K,s
The 2 main differences between the zenith and the Ks was that the Zenith was a 7 pole(as opposedto a 5 pole) and the whole motor seemed to have a better standard of finish than the Ks being, cadmium plated all over
If anyone knows where I could source one of these ,even if it is a non runner I would be exremely pleased to hear from you
Many Thanks

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Zenith were a manufacturer of small electric motors in the post war era. Rovex seeing the future bought the company to produce the motors for its Model car and train planned projects. They made a vast variety of different motors , but you have just stated a zenith motor, not its type. Refering to Pat Hammonds book, Triang Railways Volume 1, there is a lot of detail about Zenith products and its history, with several illustrations of some of the types made by them. Also ebay very often has Zenith motors up for auction in the "trains/model railways" section.
Hi Pierre
Thanks for that ,I had no idea that there was more than one type of these motors. unfortunately not havingone i can,t even post a picuture of it
Now that you have confirmed it as a model railway motor I,ll try looking on E bay

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