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Zero 1

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I'm a new comer to these boards and I was wondering if someone out there could offer a little bit of advice.

I have recently resurrected my Hornby rail system after approximately 15 years. The system was powered by "Zero 1" and I have 7 locomotives fitted with modules. Although at first sight it still works (the green light comes on!!) none of the units respond to commands. With the drastic reduction of specialist model shops and repair mechanics, can anyone suggets/advise:-

1) If it is still possible to repair or service the "Zero 1"?

2) If not, can the locomotives be re-converted to run off 12v DC power controllers?

Any specialists in London or Essex would be helpful.

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Hi Earl
Have you checked that all the loco's wheels are spotlessly clean and that the rails are nice and clean too?
Other than these basic checks I'm sorry I can't help with Zero 1 really as its to old now.

As you have just 7 locos fitted with Zero 1 decoders perhaps its time to consider changing to DCC and replacing the decoders with modern DCC ones (Zero 1 wont work on todays DCC systems) and buying a modern DCC control system?

Don't forget that Zero 1 spares are now really hard to obtain and there's no manufactures back up either.

If you haven't researched DCC I would suggest you look at some of the basic systems being marketed by Hornby, Bachmann and perhaps NCE.

Edited to add... You can fairly easily convert back to DC but best to stick with modern DCC!
The problem you have is that even if you get them to work, then you are limited with any expansion plans by virtue of the fact that Zero One bits and pieces like decoders are no longer made. It really would be worth you researching DCC, having used Zero One you will understand the principle but you will be amazed by the advances made
hi,you can have your zero1 checked by the model rail doc,tele no. 0208 9077662 or e-mail [email protected] i have used him he is reliable. owen69.
if you are in london then by all means come over and we can give it a check. if its dead i can always take the modules out for you to reconvert it.
i am right next to kings cross and i am free over the weekend.

Thanks for the advice/offer, chaps.

To be on the safe side, I think I'll start again with digital.

The Zero-1 was launch in 1979 and stopping production R950 master unit in 1984 and stopping Zero-1 accessories in the 1990s.
QUOTE (Earl @ 9 Feb 2007, 16:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the advice/offer, chaps.

To be on the safe side, I think I'll start again with digital.


Dont forget to see new Hornby DCC.
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