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ZTC 4007 Diamond decoder

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I have just installed a ZTC 4007 decoder into a bachmann class 40 and Have been able to change the address etc. When the loco is placed on the track it just goes backwards for a short period then forwards and so on . It does this without any commands to the decoder from the controller. I have reset it to factory defaults but it does not have any affect.
Does anybody have an idea what the problem is or do i have a dud decoder

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I assume you have had this loco on the programming track and tried to read a few CV's. If you haven't get into the habit of testing your installations before plonking them on the main line.
Although ZTC don't advocate the removal of capacitors you could try this route: I see you have a plug-in decoder the chances are you haven't tried this route yet.
Perhaps first try phoning ZTC Tel: +44 (0)870 241 8730 ask them why their decoder isn't working as it should.

What system are you using ? why did you choose this decoder ? Do you have other loco's that run normally ?

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I always set up my locos on a programing track and I as able to read CVs and even been able to reset the decoder to factory defaults but it still does not seem to make any difference.

I am using gaugemaster prodigy DCC and have used TCS M1 , lenz Silver and have several SWD sound decoders, all of these work fine.

I will try an disconnect the capacitor and see if this makes any difference

I had no real reason to try the ZTC4007 just thought i would give them a go as supposidly all DCC systems are compliant with others

I will try and contact ZTC tomorow and see what they have to say

hi bob. i heard something simular like this before, turned out that the decoder was the wrong way round. hope this helps
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