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QUOTE The only reason I started this thread is because my search yielded nothing. I am new to this forum and this hobby as well as being older and not that PC literate so maybe I searched incorrectly but I have retried the search many different ways and have come up with the same result - nothing.

Which "search" did you use? The menu of the page with the "Search" option offers two methods. The default is Google, the other is "Classic Forum Search".

I happen to know from experience and because I asked that the "Classic Forum Search" will not find strings of three characters or less so using "Classic Forum Search" for ZTC and 505 together will return nothing. In fact this is the reason why Doug added the Google option.

I have just entered the string "ZTC 505" ie two three character strings separated by a space into the google search and turned at least five results which do refer to the ZTC 505.

DCC has been a "touchy" subject on this Forum. I can't comment on whether this is true of others. It's not a cheap option and being a highly technical and complex product on the inside at least, the success or otherwise of manufacturers at producing "competent" kit is the subject of a lot of debate, some of which has at times been very heated. This produces a reluctance in those who have been through such debates more times than they would care to remember to start it all over again.

Please try the search again using the string I have suggested. I think the topics you turn up should give you a flavour of what people think of the ZTC 505.

I own an ECoS, so I am not in a position to comment.

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