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I purchased my ZTC 511 about 5 years ago and having put down about 600 feet of track in the attic along with 75 points, not DCC controlled I might add as the cost was far to much, I then moved onto other pastures such as armature radio and unfortunately the layout got a tad neglected as did my interest in what was happening in the DCC world.

You can therefore imagine my first reaction when having decided now that I am retired to take up the modelling again and finish the layout, only to find that ZTC have become defunct and having read most of the comments in the forum on the subject, I fully endorse the ones about how rude and unhelpful they where. (I wonder if the previous owners have read all those comments as well)

I have looked at whats on offer at the moment but see that the Eprom upgrade has yet to reach the shelves but in the mean time can anyone out there who has a ZTC 511 and done the upgrade tell me what difference it makes to the system and is it worth while putting a new chip in the controller and what is the M Eprom all about.
I also have a ZTC 521 and see that there is also a new Eprom for that but I'm not sure what they mean by it being for older units, by which I mean just how old?

Hope some one can put me wise?
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