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See the info on the ZTC here:;page=DCC-ztc

It does look great and it impressed me when I first saw it.

Unfortunately looks can deceive and if you do a search on this site and others, you will find many problems with the system and the ZTC decoders. It is expensive as well.

The cool looking throttle is actually one of the problems - if you switch between locos that are running, you are going to have a problem matching the speed of the loco to the position of the throttle if they are different. Perhaps it wasn't designed to do that though. As it imitates a loco cab, perhaps the intention is that you drive one train at a time. Stopping completely before switching locos. The trouble is that we often like to control more than one loco at a time on our layouts. I have up to 7 or 8 locos running on mine.

I would suggest finding a dealer that has one set up as a demo. Play with it for a while first before buying it, to see if it works as good as it looks. Try controlling multiple locos at once and see if you really use the brake and throttle. ZTC are quite often found at DCC workshops around the country so if you called them, they could perhaps tell you when the next one will be. Contact details in the links above.
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