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On Saturday I went to the St Albans Model Railway show. Really enjoyed myself, although with my two sons, it was hard work at times. Picked up some bits, like phosphor-bronze strip, which I'm going to use to add some addition pickups on a 2-car DMU, and some miniature plugs for connecting the electricals between the two carriages.

One of the layouts we saw was using a ZTC dcc controller, I thought this looked really neat, especially with it's arrangement of brake and throttle. I see from the web site that it's British too, I just wondered if anyone has had experiences, good or bad, of it? (I did a search on the forum and ZTC received no matches).

Also can you run two separate controllers on one layout. For example, two electrically isolated sections, one with say a ZTC controller the other with a Hornby controller? I can't see why not but maybe there's something I'm missing.

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