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Hi Fabben
Doug has given you good advice.

The ZTC looks fine but is really very expensive for what you really get - The best most telling comment I can give you is that several members of this forum, and almost every other ZTC owner I know of has now changed from ZTC to another brand. Those who kept it end up "slaving" it to a Lenz system.

If you'd like to see threads with specific comment re ZTC you'll need to go to/join an email list such as DCC-UK where it and its quirks have often been discussed... I'd prefer not to go into detail here unless its in respect to specific questions.

If you want an expensive console type with really nice features then the ECOS is top of the list and not so different in cost to a ZTC once you add the items you need to buy with the ZTC..... If you want a console with great expandability and quite a low cost look at the Digitrax zephyr - this actually has a really good set of features and super nice speed control.

Elite is now NMRA compliant so in its latest form, its also another option, however apart from testing I do not have enough real hands on time or direct consumer feedback to judge well/comment fairly on it either way.

I will report on it later (on forum) when I have had time to preoperly relax with it and use it as a layout controller - its important to do that first as testing and using regularly are very different things.

There are other threads that give good background to the "handset" type controllers..

Kind regards

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