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ZTC DCC system

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Does any-one know how the new ZTC 505 system compares with other manufactures products?
I want to start in DCC but don't want to pay a small fortune.
I assume this model is up against the Prodigy Advance?
Any help much appreciated.
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Take a look at this list from Lisa P4. It is the most recent and up to date comparison of available systems.

Why not wait a couple of weeks to see what Hornby have in store for us. Perhaps that will be worth waiting for. We'll let you know here on the forum what will be released and what we think of it.

Wasn't there an issue with ZTC's throttle/speed control when switching from locomotive to locomotive.
Too expencive, limited functions and amps. check out the opposition below this price bracket it's excellent. Too expencive to use as a booster.
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If anyone can get me the info on the ZTC 505 I'll add it to the table (thanks for the mention Doug). I s'pose there is some info on it on the ZTC website? shall have a nose about and see what I can find.

I wonder if they'll ever release the computer interface? Thought I could update the table after Warley, nope delayed again!
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