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well Simon, if the retailers do not make a profit they simply wont be there. Is this result you want ?

As far as pricing goes its up to the retailer to guess what price to put on an item. If he sells a slow moving item at a very big discount do you consider that as daylight robbery of the retailer ? Because there will probably many items in an inventory which will have to be quit at any price to keep stock and cashflow moving. You may see an item previously heavily discounted move out of that category if the retailer decides there is after all a demand for that item and hence the rpice goes up.

As far as 'knowing" the retailer is making excessive profit on an item due to exchange rates do you rush up to him and offer to pay extra when the exchange rates have moved against him and he is wearing it because that is "fair"?

Anyway a few points to consider. If your retailer rocks up at your local train show in a new Porsche and a thick fur coat and is hung with large chunks of precious metals then you might be right in your supposition he is a rip off artist. More likely his main business wont be in retailing hobby items.
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