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QUOTE (db ice 3 @ 8 Mar 2009, 02:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i always have a look online and at ebay, then go to the local model shop in downtown glasgow (D&F models) - they are lovely folks who run it - and because im a regular customer, i always get a good price - it might not be QUITE as cheap as the cheapest price on the net, but theres no postage, i get to see the model out the box, i get to see it run on a test track, talk about it, usually other customers in the shop also like to discuss/offer advice etc ... the whole "experience" is nice - to me its not just about the price but the whole process of selecting a model, spending time in the shop, chatting and going home with your new model. - surely thats worth more than saving a few pounds?.

. so ill keep supporting my local model shop and to me its worth paying that little extra (probably the postage cost for an online purchase) to enjoy my model buying experience.

I'm with DB on this one, I find the whole experience of going to a local model shop far better than buying online, plus if something doesn't work you can easily take it back. My local model shop is more expensive than some online, but he gives me reductions for second hand purchases, considerably less than the same things found on e-bay, and he runs a "carte de fidelité" giving an extra discount for every 10 things bought. I'd be pretty much stuck without this local shop so I give him my custom.

Glad to here D&F Models is still going. I left Glasgow 10 years ago, but always enjoyed going in there. I'm moving back to Glasgow in June and with the demise of McKay's Models and Mac's Model railroading, I'm very pleased to here there is still one good model shop in Glasgow!


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